Frequently Asked Questions
There's a clump of bees on my tree. Do I need to have them removed?
    Usually, clumps of bees are simply traveling from one place to another, and will move on within 24-48 hours. Since they are not protecting a hive, they are normally not agressive. However, if it is in a location where children or unsuspecting passers-by may disturb them, you may wish to have them removed. 

Are the pesticides you use safe?
    We use pesticides which we believe are the safest and most effective. That said, any individual person may have a particular sensitivity to any material. If you have health concerns, please ask! We are happy to provide specimen lables and/or safety data sheets for any of the materials we use.  

What if I've got a question you haven't answered?
    Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We're happy to discuss your specific needs or give you a free no-obligation quoteOur phone number is:
(520) 519-0449.